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Travel to Morocco, travel to the Past… Thousand Kasbahs Discovering

Wherever there were once worth commercial goods in Morocco –sugar, food, gold… –you will find a Kasbah.  ‘Kasba’ or ‘Kasbah‘ has a very broad sense meaning. In each country, or even in each region, it applies to a different type of construction: from an isolated outpost in the middle of the valleys to a neighborhood in the middle of cities in which the offices of the administration and the army were concentrated. In Moroccan Southeastern region, the word is applied to a square Adobe building with four towers at the corners, though. ‘adobe’ means earth built, on raw land and normally used by a powerful family to live in.


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One of the largest remaining Kasbahs is Marrakesh’s 11th-century Kasbah, which still houses a royal palace and gardens. Among the most colorful are the red-blue Kasbah in Chefchaouen, and the whitewashed Rabat’s Kasbah, next to the sea, with its elegantly carved gate, the Bab Ouidia. The most famous is Aït Benhaddou Kasbah (stay tuned…we are preparing a special blog post about it).


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In the valleys near the Sahara, also called pre-saharan oasis, we find one or more Kasbahs located within a ‘ksar’. A ‘ksar’ (plural, ksours) is a walled town, protected by four watchtowers, which includes in its inner tens or even hundreds of houses, in addition to the mosque. This is a place where they celebrated festivals and other community facilities. All ksours have one or more monumental entrances, sometimes exquisitely decorated.

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Kasbahs are found in stunning landscapes where desert and mountains meet. Contrasts and shades of ocher, green and red will captivate your soul and spirit. You will breath fertility, peace, luminosity and quiet past. Rivers created canyons that became amazing oasis with thousand green palms.


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Mountains, Valleys and history are waiting for you. Live it, believe it, feel it. Blue, green, ocher and red landscapes, powerful contrasts and silence will fill your soul with peace.


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Don’t think of it, GO AHEAD!

Feel an ocher and green endless sea of peace

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References: “Rammed Earth Conservation”

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