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Morocco Trips – Tips to go to Morocco

Tips to travel to Morocco


Morocco is waiting for you…


How to get to Morocco

By air:

In addition to the traditional airlines that fly to Morocco, today you can find many low-cost companies.     For more information, visit Skyscanner website where you can search for flights from and to Morocco.

By sea:

Ferries depart from some of the main ports in the South of Spain, i.e. Algeciras or Almeria… You can find out more about this on Clickferry website.

However, the quickest option by ferry from the South of Spain departs from Tarifa and just takes 25 minutes to arrive in Tangier Ville. The company in charge is FRS: you can visit



The national currency is the dirham, divided into 100 cents. We recommend making the change in hotels since they apply the same charge as banks. In some restaurants and bazaars of large cities,other currencies might be also accepted.


Passport with a validity of 3 months from entering the country is necessary. The maximum stay allowed for tourists is three months per year. Spanish citizens do no need visa.

For other VISA information, we recommend to ask directly to the Moroccan embassy in your country. You can find it here:


The climate is typical Mediterranean off the coast, ranging from 12 degrees in winter to 25 degrees in summer. The interior continental climate has a warmer climate throughout the year. In the summer, temperatures can exceed 40 degrees, but much lower at night. Most rainfall is between North and Middle Atlas.


Keep in mind the area you are visiting. Do not forget your hat, sunglasses and a good sunscreen for sun protection in the summer. Also in the summer, it is advisable to bring some warm clothes for the night temperatures drop.


Morocco is a paradise for shopping lovers, products of all kinds, color and flavor at affordable prices. Leather desk items,wallets, book covers,etc. … as well as jackets, shoes, bags and bags of all sizes. The gold and silver are very attractive both for its price and for their designs. Moroccan embroideries are very beautiful, and we advise any typical garment, such as caftans,slippers, scarves or hats. The art of haggling is an important part in shopping. We recommend walking through the souks, see the products and compare prices before choosing. After choosing the product and after knowing the price, the buyer should starts offering a reduced price.


Moroccan cuisine is delicious; preparing delicious dishes has many ingredients. The typical Moroccan dish is couscous, which is the traditional family lunch on Friday; there are many varieties depending on the region. Other typical dishes are harira soup with meat, lentils and chickpeas and tagines, stews receiving its name from the clay pot in which it cooked.


In Morocco there is the custom of tipping and is often used in all social activities. Ideally go giving little but often.


We recommend drinking bottled water (never tap water) regularly, especially in the summer months. We do not recommendtaking cold drinks after excursions sun-exposed particularly in the warmer months; it is advisable to beat the thirst with warm drinks such as mint tea or juices.

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